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  This website is under process of updation.



The functions of the SAARC Disaster Management Centre are:
  1. to collect, compile, document and disseminate data, information, case studies, indigenous knowledge and good practices relating to disaster management particularly from the Member Countries;
  2. to analyze information, undertake research and disseminate research findings on disaster management among the Member Countries;
  3. to develop educational materials and conduct academic and professional courses on disaster management;
  4. to organize training and awareness programmes for various stakeholders on disaster management for the Member Countries;
  5. to develop training modules on various aspects on disaster management and conduct programmes of Training for Trainers including simulation exercises;
  6. to provide assistance in the formulation of policies, strategies, disaster management framework and any other assistance as may be required by the Member Countries or organizations and institutions nominated by the Member Countries;
  7. to undertake, organize, facilitate and participate in workshops, conferences, seminars, lectures etc on various aspects of disaster management in the Member Countries;
  8. to undertake publication of journals, research papers and books and establish and maintain online resource centre in furtherance of the aforesaid objects;
  9. to collaborate with other SAARC Centres, particularly SMRC, SCZMC and SAARC Forestry Centre to achieve synergies in programmes and activities

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