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  This website is under process of updation.


SAARC Development Fund Secretariat

The SAARC Development Fund (SDF) Secretariat was inaugurated by Heads of State/Governments of SAARC Member States in April 2010 during the 16th SAARC Summit in Thimphu.

The objectives of the SDF are:

a. to promote the welfare of the people of SAARC Region.

b. to improve the quality of life.

c. to accelerate economic growth, social progress and poverty alleviation in the SAARC Region.

d. to bring out regional integration among the member states.

The competitive advantages for SDF and SAARC Regional centers are:

  1. Strengthen cooperation and Support among SAARC Organizations.

  2. Taking SAARC Objectives forward.

  3. Outreach of activities of both SDF and SAARC Organizations.

  4. Sharing of experiences and knowledge

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