SAARC Agricultural Information Centre (SAIC), Dhaka, Bangladesh

SAIC is the first Regional Centre of the SAARC and was established in Dhaka in 1988. SAIC serves to network relevant national agricultural information centres in Member States with a view to exchanging regionally generated technical information to strengthen agricultural research and development activities. SAIC has brought out several publications, which contain information on agricultural institutions in SAARC countries as well as on fisheries, forestry, livestock and crops. The publications of SAIC include Directory of Agricultural Institutions, Directory of Agricultural Scientists and Technologists and Agricultural Periodicals of the SAARC Countries. SAIC also completed a Bibliography of Women in Agriculture and a Bibliography of Agro-forestry in the SAARC Region. It maintains databases respectively on Fish Diseases and on Potato Cultivation in the SAARC Region. It also publishes quarterly newsletter highlighting its activities.


SAARC Meteorological Research Centre (SMRC), Dhaka, Bangladesh

SMRC was inaugurated on 2 January 1995 in Dhaka. The Centre concentrates primarily on the research aspects of weather forecasting and monitoring. In addition the Centre is also engaged in developing a networking system among Member States. The Centre's ongoing activities include collating data from national meteorological services and other up-to-date climatological information for the compilation of a Directory of Meteorological Professionals and Technicians in South Asia; bringing out newsletters regarding its programmes; and collating required meteorological data from sources outside the region for its research programmes.


SAARC Tuberculosis Centre (STC), Kathmandu, Nepal

STC was set up in 1992 in Kathmandu to work towards the prevention and control of TB in the region by coordinating the efforts of the National TB Programmes of Member States. Among its objectives are to initiate, undertake and coordinate research and training in technical, biomedical, operational and other aspects related to tuberculosis control programmes in the region; to ensure adequate supply at low cost of anti-tuberculosis drugs and other related supplies in all the Member States; to monitor incidence, prevalence and emergence of drug resistant strains of tuberculosis in the region; to promote action on issues relating to HIV related tuberculosis in the SAARC region; and to carry out any other functions related to tuberculosis at the directive of the Technical Committee on Social Development.


SAARC Documentation Centre (SDC), New Delhi, India

SDC established in New Delhi in May 1994 to meet the need for ready access to information on SAARC and its member countries. At present it focuses on data in Member States and international databases in the areas of biological, physical, chemical, engineering and life sciences as well as in development matters. The Centre undertakes several workshops, seminars, and training courses in the fields of library science and information technology. A two-year Master Degree Course on "Associateship in Information Science" has also been included in its regular activities.


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This Website is under updation.