The SAARC Disaster Management Centre brings out a series of  regular and special publications.

Regular Publications:

  1. Weekly update of disasters and disaster management related issues of the SAARC member countries. The updates are published every Monday and posted in the website of the center
  2. Quarterly newsletter SDMC informs, which provides a summary of the activities of the Center.
  3. Bi-annual journal of South Asia Disaster Studies which publishes original research papers on various aspects of disaster risk assessment, mitigation, and management in South Asia
    2008 Journal , June 2009 Journal, December 2009 Journal,
    June 2010 Journal , December 2010 Journal , June 2011 Journal December 2011 Journal
  4. Annual South Asia Disaster Report which provides complete details of various types of natural and man made  disasters in South Asia during the year.
    2007 Annual Report, 2008 Annual Report, 2009 Annual Report , 2010 Annual Report , 2011 Annual Report

Special Publications.

  1. SDMC Brochure
  2. Avalanche Hazard Risk Management
  3. Proceedings of Study Visit and Policy Level Workshop Held at Jakarta 26th-30th Jan 2015
  4. Integration of Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation in SAARC Region
  5. District/Provincial Level Contingency Plan for Drought Management for the SAARC Region - Draft Report
  6. Indigenous Knowledge for Disaster Risk Reduction in South Asia
  7. Documentation of Structural Measures Adopted for Coastal Zone Protection and Management in the SAARC Region - Final Report
  8. Training Module on River Erosion and Embankment Safety Management & Climate Change in South Asia Region
  9. Regional Study on the Causes and Consequences of Natural Disasters and the Protection and Preservation  of the Environment
  10. Application of Science and Technology for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management in South Asia
  11. Climate Change & Disasters
  12. Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction in Development
  13. Earthquake Risk Management in South Asia
  14. Landslide Risk Management in South Asia
  15. Drought Risk Management in South Asia
  16. Flood Risk Management in South Asia
  17. Urban Risk Management in South Asia
  18. Rapid Structural and Non-Structural assessment of School/Hospital Building
  19. SAARC Framework for Care, Protection and Participation of Children in Disasters
  20. Road Maps of SDMC


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This Website is under updation.


This Website is under updation.