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  This website is under process of updation.


The Governing Board of the SAARC Disaster Management Centre comprises of representatives of all 8 Member States besides a representative of Secretary General SAARC and of the Ministry of External Affairs, India. The Governing Board approves the policy decisions of the Centre and finalizes its programme, activities and budget.

The Chairman of the Centre rotates among the Member States alphabetically. Ms. S. M. Mohomad, Secretary, Ministry of Disaster Management, Govt. of Sri Lanka is the current Chair of the Centre.

Director of the Centre serves as the ex-officio Member Secretary of the Governing Board.

The Centre has 5 Divisions of which 4 are Technical and 1 Administrative Division. The Technical Divisions are as follows:

  1. Climate Change, DRR and Adaptation Division is working to create a culture of preparedness and risk reduction with a multi hazard approach through quality research, documentation and training across various stakeholders and institutions. The center would dedicate its time also to climate change adaptation and extreme events. The center would provide services to the member states in developing strategies for integration of Climate Change and DRR

  2. Preparedness & Response Division is dedicated towards building professionalism in responding to disaster situations by cutting down response time by building efficient and effective systems. The division will also be working for developing regional response mechanism of the region and coordinate with other regional response partners. Coordinate SDMC emergency response under the aegis of SAARC secretariat.

  3. Disaster Recovery & Reconstruction Division will help governments and institutions of the member states in formulation and implementation of reconstruction guidelines, techniques and strategies for damage assessment, reconstruction and recovery with specific reference to structural and non-structural measures and livelihoods. Also , will help in developing regional Disaster recovery framework and its implementation plans/programmes

  4. Policy Planning, Capacity Development & Knowledge Management Division is working on policy research along with the concerned sectors. Also, independent research would be conducted to address cross cutting themes such as Gender, development planning, organizational reforms, Insurance risk financing etc. the department would help the member states in developing the policy framework and institutionalizing learning. This division will facilitate other division in developing training modules and in the conduct of the training program. This division network would be linked with international networks, i.e., Prevention Consortium, Relief Web, and Global Disaster Information Network. The division would document various disasters and manage the library. It is helping developing trainer/professional in the region. The center is also focusing on :
    • Publishing (newsletters, journals, information-Education-Communication materials etc),
    • Maintenance of library and archival services etc,
    • Media management and Public Awareness,
    • Maintenance and development of Knowledge portal.

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