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An Expert Group of SAARC Member countries had recommended the following networking strategy which was also approved by the Council of Ministers:

The SAARC Disaster Management Centre shall develop appropriate strategies for the performance of its functions, which may include the following:

  1. Network with the national focal points of disaster management and with the concerned regional and international bodies;
  2. Assist the national focal points of disaster management of Member states to develop appropriate models for networking with their research, training and other institutions;
  3. Develop a network of networking institutions to facilitate quick acquisition, storage, retrieval and dissemination of information, data and knowledge on disaster management including linkages with approved real-time data providers;
  4. Use information and communication technologies to develop a virtual resource centre for disaster management in South Asia.
The Governing Body of the Centre has approved the following operational plan for implementing the networking strategy:
  1. Each Member Country shall nominate its National Focal Point with which the SAARC Disaster Management Centre shall network.
  2. The National Focal Points in turn shall network with the national research, training and other organizations engaged in creation, dissemination and use of knowledge on various aspects of disaster risk reduction and management.
  3. Appropriate networking model shall be developed by each Member State in consultation with the Centre, which will be linked with the SAARC Disaster Management Centre. This will interlock a large number of organizations engaged in disaster risk reduction and management in South Asia and a vast pool of knowledge and resources already available in the region shall be made available for the use of the people of the entire region.
  4. Each National Focal Point shall identify its National Focal Point Coordinator with whom the SAARC Disaster Management Centre shall work on a day-to-day basis.

SAARC Governing Body Meeting, New Delhi, 9-10 October 2006


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