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Lessons Learnt Conference – Nepal Earthquake,
14-16 Decemebr 2015, Kathmandu, Nepal

A Three Days Lessons Learnt Conference - Nepal Earthquake (LLC-NEQ) was organized by SAARC Disaster Management Center (SAARC) to bring together the stakeholders of SAARC's Member States delegates in order to facilitate further work on SARRND oprationalisation and learn more lessons directly from the response teams from the all Members' States. The idea was to hear directly from the man/ team who were directly involved in the response to the Nepal Earth quake in April 2015. The key objectives of the Conference were to:-

  • Share experiences, and lessons learnt in managing international agencies coordination in receiving support by affected country in Nepal.
  • Share experiences, and lessons learnt in providing effective response and support by SAARC Member States and other international/regional organizations.
  • Identify best practices, emerged during relief and response, for adoption and replication
  • Develop recommendation for incorporation and integration with draft SOPs and Annual Disaster Response Exercise (ADREx) manual of member states for operationalising SARRND
  • Provide structured opportunity for networking amongst disaster management professionals and practitioners from SAARC member states, International and Regional Organizations
  • Evolve next step in planning/preparatory phase, readying for operationalising SARRND
The conference was attended by the delegates from Seven Member States in Kathmandu on 14-16th Dec 2015.

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This Website is under updation.